Lightshine cleaning of lighting fixtures

The greenhouse horticulture sector is well known for its innovations. In more than a century, it has seen a great many changes, the Netherlands, in particular, has gained a prominent global market position due to its innovations. The horticulture sector wishes to remain the forefront of innovation.

Energy conservation and improving light return are becoming more and more important. Businesses are always seeking improvements, but sometimes forget there is a lot to be gained from 'simple' measures, for example, by cleaning and maintaining clean lighting fixtures in the greenhouse, which is what Lightshine specializes in.

We are just as inventive as growers when it comes to turning a normally labor-intensive task into a fast and effective task. Mobile Lightshine cleaning machines will have your lighting fixtures operating perfectly in no time, resulting not only in a better light return, but also in lower power consumption.

Maximum light return

Practice has shown simply cleaning the reflectors and lamps can improve your light return by as much as 9%. Lightshine offers a total package: from the removal and cleaning of hoods and bulbs to the fitting of light fixtures, both at home and abroad. We always strive for the best result and a maximum light return. You can also leave the cleaning of your Philips GreenPower LED interlight modules to us.

Reduced power consumption

Cleaning your light fixtures not only results in an improved light return, but also reduces your power consumption. You need less power to generate the same amount of light, or even more. Lightshine also supplies LED TL lightning, which is another way of cutting costs.

Maintenance is conservation

Cleaning your light fixtures once or twice a year, will give you a higher light return, reduces you power consumption and extends the service life of the assimilation hoods. Which is why we say: "Maintenance is conservation!".

Do you wish to know how much money you can save?

Would you like to know how much profit you can make from cleaning your reflectors and lamps? Please contact us for an appointment. We will calculate your current reflection percentage and light return, and the expected reflection percentage and light return after cleaning, allowing you to make an informed decision.

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The products that the Lightshine semi automatic carousel used meet all European standards and are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.