Our method

Contrary to the cleaning of reflectors, where the customer can choose where the activities are carried out, LED modules are always cleaned on site. This is the most practical and logical method, and allows the LED modules to remain where they are during the cleaning process.

This is how LED modules are cleaned:

  • A Lightshine employee makes sure that the semi-automatic cleaning machine is in the correct position and moves the machine along the LED modules.
  • This efficient process allows modules to be cleaned at three sides in once with a cleaning agent.
  • The cleaning machine immediately blow dries the modules after cleaning, which means the LED modules do not suffer water damage.


No harmful consequences for crops and lighting

Equally important, is extensive tests carried out by Philips Lighting have shown that the cleaning agent used by Lightshine has no negative effects for the LED modules and the crops.


Annual maintenance

Lightshine always aims to achieve the best result for the long-term. That is why we recommend our customers to carry out an annual cleaning of the LED modules cleaned once a year in order to increase their service life.

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