Cleaning reflectors

Regularly cleaning the hoods (reflectors) of your light fittings will maximize light reflection and therefore result in a better light return. It sounds logical, it is logical, but still many businesses fail to grab this opportunity to increase their light efficiency. Not only because they are unaware of the possible returns, but also because manually cleaning the reflectors is very labor intensive. Businesses don't always have the manpower to clean the hoods manually, and it doesn't give the best result.

Professional assessment report

Lightshine has a measuring laboratory where we draw up professional measurement reports. By performing an exact trial measurement, we can show you in clear figures what the current light reflection is and what it will be once the light fixtures are cleaned. A trial measurement is a perfect way to increase awareness, provides a realistic idea of the difference cleaning can make, and allows you to decide on your next course of action. You will know exactly how much you can gain from cleaning the reflectors. Regular cleaning also extends the service life of your reflectors, which can also have a positive effect on your business returns. All in all, cleaning your hoods has only benefits. Particularly when you realize that the Lightshine mobile cleaning machines will have your reflectors clean in no-time, keeping the disruption of your business activities at a minimum.

Types of businesses

The Lightshine mobile cleaning machines are used for various international businesses. Our clients are mainly businesses in greenhouse horticulture sector due to the amount of light fixtures these businesses use and the place where Lightshine was incorporated: Westland (a greenhouse horticulture region in the Netherlands). However, more and more businesses in other sectors are discovering the benefits of Lightshine. We clean reflectors in industrial properties, but also at football stadiums and farms. Our mobile cleaning machines can clean approximately 98% of reflector types.

Environmentally friendly

Lightshine applies an environmentally friendly work method. The mobile cleaning machines only use environmentally friendly cleaning agents that meet all the European standards and are biodegradable.

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